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California has warm weather year round and it’s important to keep that AC running well to stay cool on your way to work or to run errands. Air conditioning repair in Riverside can be expensive depending on where you go but at Prado’s Quality Auto Repair we offer great prices and quality service.

These are some signs you may need an auto air conditioning repair or AC maintenance check:

  • When the AC is on, the vehicle sounds or feels like it is working really hard
  • Cold air doesn’t blow when the AC is on
  • When the AC is on, the vents make a funny or whirring sound An odor comes out of the vents when the AC is on
  • Your AC has not had a tune up in over a year

AC Repair in Riverside includes all of the following :

  • To prevent future AC damage and expensive repairs, one yearly AC maintenance check
  • Complete diagnostics assessment
  • Repair broken AC including removing and replacing of parts
  • Complete R-12 & R-134a refrigerant equipment
  • Flush out Air Conditioning unit
  • Perform mist/ozone treatment to remove bacteria



We believe that safety is the most important features of a car and the #1 safety feature is having good working brakes. Having your brakes work perfectly provides you with a sense of security and will allow you to avoid a dangerous situation.


We offer competitive prices and same day service on brake jobs. Car maintenance and brake repair must be performed yearly or bi-yearly in order to ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Bring your vehicle to our brake repair shop in Riverside and we’ll get you back on the road with new brakes quickly.

How to tell if your brakes need repairing

  • Your steering wheel or vehicle vibrates when you step on the brake pedal
  • Your vehicle takes a long time to slow down or come to a complete stop
  • Your brakes make a screechy sound when you step on the brake pedal
  • Your brake lights don’t completely light up when you apply the brake pedal
  • Your brake pedal sinks to the floor when applying the brakes.

Our Brake Repair shop in Riverside offers the following services

  • Complete diagnosis of your vehicle’s brake system
  • Removing your old brake pads and replacing
  • Resurfacing rotors or replacing them if needed
  • Complete flush of your brake fluid system
  • Adjusting the brakes so that they operate perfectly
  • Test Anti-Lock Brakes system and repair as needed



Driving a stick shift automobile comes with its own set of troubles. Though driving a stick can be a lot of fun, and for many sports car drivers it is the only way to go, automobile clutch repair in Riverside can be expensive.

Clutch repair is somewhat of a specialty in its own right. Not all automotive repair shops perform manual transmission and related repairs. At Prado’s Quality Auto Repair we have a clutch specialist that is also a sports car aficionado and has 15 years of experience with manual transmissions.

You might need clutch inspection and repair if your vehicle demonstrates any of the following symptoms:

  • A grinding or grating sound when you press on the clutch pedal
  • The clutch does not grab or take hold as it is supposed to
  • The clutch does not let go or release properly
  • When you press down on the clutch pedal, it does not go down as it should or you have to apply an extreme amount of force to get it to move
  • The clutch pedal is so loose it is almost floppy or has no pressure against the floorboard
  • You are unable to shift gears as you should when you press down on the clutch.


Our mechanics encourage manual transmission drivers to have their vehicles’ maintenance service performed per the manufacturer’s schedule. Our technicians will work quickly and diligently to get you your car back and get you back to your life. We know what it’s like to wait for a car to be repaired and we want to get you back on the road as soon as possible.



If caught early on, auto cooling system repair doesn’t have to be a major expense. If your car is overheating (the temperature gauge is showing in the red), if you constantly have to add antifreeze to your cooling system, or if you frequently see puddles of antifreeze form under your car, you may need car cooling system repair.

If you notice any of these problems in your vehicle, take it to Prado’s Quality Auto Repair in Riverside right away. Don’t continue to drive your car day after day ignoring the leak or the smell coming from your air vents. The ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away type of thinking will almost always get you in trouble when it comes to auto repair, especially cooling system maintenance.

Unfortunately, the problem probably won’t go away but will only get worse if you do nothing. Don’t turn a minor repair turn into a major engine replacement or head gasket issues. Drive your car immediately to our Riverside auto cooling system repair shop for a complete diagnosis and a quick quote on your cooling system service cost.

Radiator Repair in Riverside includes all of the following:

  • Check the thermostat and water pump pressure
  • Inspect your radiator and cooling system
  • Inspect your vehicle’s belts and hoses
  • Check the complete cooling / heating system
  • Perform a cooling system flush upon replacing the leaking cooling system components (if needed)


So bring your automobile to Prado’s Quality Auto Repair. We’re a family company and our ASE-certified technicians will treat you and your automobile right. We offer reasonable prices and can repair your car the same day so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible. We have been providing auto cooling system repair in Riverside, so you can trust we’ll repair your car right. Come in today!



Whatever the brand name of your automobile, getting from stage A to stage B is the most basic reason for having an automobile to begin with. However if your engine isn’t operating as it should, your vehicle isn’t getting you really far. Without a properly working engine, your vehicle can’t get you where you need to go. Car engine repair is just one of those repairs that simply can’t wait around. Finding high quality and reasonably priced engine repair in Riverside can be difficult.

Fixing your engine is a big job which means you have to find a shop that you can trust. Prado’s Quality Auto Repair will make sure your engine repair is done right and we’ll get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Auto Engine Repair in Riverside includes all of the following:

Unlike other engine repair shops in Riverside, our certified engine repair mechanics will explain what is wrong with your vehicle first. Then they explain what they need to do to fix it and how long the work will take. Our inspection and engine mount repair in Riverside includes the following:

  • Re-manufactured or refurbished engine replacement
  • Cylinder head and head gasket repair
  • Inspection of Engine mounts for wear or damage
  • Engin mount replacement
  • Valve job replacement
  • Replacing of gaskets and resealing of engine



Southern California has warm weather for most of the year but on occasion it can get cold and you want to be able to stay warm on your way to work or on your way home. Since heaters are rarely used in Riverside, many auto shops can be expensive to repair, but at Prado’s Quality Auto Repair we offer great prices and quality service. Don’t freeze in the winter time by not having a good heater in your car.

These are some signs you may need a car heater repair

  • When the inside of your car suddenly really fogs up for no reason
  • Your vehicle has filled up with a sticky sweet and humid smell
  • Vehicle is burning through coolant really quickly
  • The vehicle is overheating much faster than normal

Auto heater Repair in Riverside includes all of the following:

  • Heater core repair or replacement
  • Vacuum leaks that may leak out hot air
  • Fan motor repair or replacement
  • Heater valve issues
  • No matter what the problem with your vehicle’s heater, we will diagnose and fix it properly.



Most manufacturers recommend an oil change for your vehicle every 3000 miles so come in to Prado’s Quality Auto Repair for your next oil change! We’ve been supplying affordable oil changes in Riverside for more than 25 years.

A Prado’s Quality Auto Repair oil change in Riverside includes:

  • Replacing your dirty oil with the proper viscosity grade oil
  • Fitting a new oil filter
  • Lubricating the various components on your car as needed
  • Assessing and topping off (if needed) the fluid levels for your systems, including brakes, steering, transmission, coolant / antifreeze and more
  • A full safety inspection upon request. Tires inflated to the proper pressure

Getting regular oil changes for your vehicle will help it run smoother and keep your engine running longer. In Riverside, oil change costs can vary substantially and a lot of shops use cheap oil in order to save money. At Prado’s Quality Auto Repair, we use only the best oil and we provide oil change deals to customers getting other work done because we want them to get the most value out of coming to our shop. On top of providing the best oil changes in Riverside, we provide a complete vehicle examination performed by our ASE certified mechanics.



Suspension issues with your vehicle may go unnoticed when compared to more obvious problems, such as brake problems, transmission troubles or engine problems. It’s possible to still drive your car if your suspension is broken but the ride won’t be near as smooth.


Some indicators might be the following:

  • Vehicle wobbles on freeway while driving
  • The tires on your automobile are wearing heavily on one side more than the other
  • This is an indicator that your automobile may be leaning to one side or the other
  • When traveling straight down the road, do you have to hold the wheel more to the left or right
  • When you drive over bumps or dips on the highway, does it feel like your automobile offers no support
  • Try this test: drive your automobile slowly on a back road or large parking area. Raise your fingers from the wheel and raise your foot off your pedal and see if your steering wheel pulls more to one side


If your vehicle is doing any of these indicators regularly, Prado’s Quality Auto Repair suggests you bring it in for examination and possibly suspension repair or replacement. If you are unsure if you need new suspension, bring it in anyway and we’ll take a look at your vehicle for you.



Many of today’s engines use timing belts. A timing belt system is a precision component with wheels and belts in order to properly time the engine to run at maximum efficiency and performance. The timing buckle maintains crankshaft-to-camshaft synchronization, keeping valve procedure coordinated to piston placement. On some motors, the belt also drives additional components, including the oil pump, water pump, and balance shafts.


Look at your car’s owner’s manual for information on timing belt upkeep. Our ASE Certified technicians recommend suggest timing belt must be replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended distance and/or time periods. Failure to replace timing belt can result in complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure. If the timing belt is not changed at the advised period, the belts could break, which may leave you stuck and possibly cause major engine damage. If you’re getting the timing belt replaced, consider changing other areas which may be accessed simultaneously. Water pump, timing belt sprockets, and tensioning pulleys are great good examples. Come in to Prado’s Quality Auto Repair and have one of our technicians do an inspection if you think your car needs a timing belt service.



The modern transmissions are more complicated and include hundreds of individual components. To properly repair your vehicle’s transmission, these components must be disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear. Dismantling your vehicle’s transmission also allows our team to provide an accurate diagnosis of your transmission and how much wear it has.


At Prado’s Quality, we repair or replace worn and damaged parts. Following the transmission parts inspection, we repair, reassemble, adjust, and test them for proper operation. Some transmission repairs require only an adjustment without having to remove the entire transmission. If your vehicle is older, its transmission may require adjustments to parts.

You might need transmission inspection and repair if your vehicle demonstrates any of the following symptoms:

  • A grinding sound from the engine
  • Jerking of the vehicle while driving
  • Random RPM revving issues such as revving too high or too low
  • Abruptness when the car shifts between gears
  • Gas pedal less responsive
  • You are unable to shift gears as you normally would

Transmission Repair in Riverside includes all of the following:

  • Full transmission diagnosis, including clutch system, the pedal and clutch grasp, and slave cylinder
  • Total replacement of broken parts or entire transmission
  • Drain and refill or full transmission flush